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Air Liquide, USA

Standardizing procedures increases plant output
Objetivos del proyecto
Química y Cosmética
  • To build a system flexible enough to interface with different DCS systems without having to reconfigure each time.
  • To meet these and similar conditions for when and how the data gets transferred, Worrall worked with the Air Liquide team to write a DataHub script. The DataHub scripting language, Gamma, can access the values of each point in the DataHub in real time, and is fully integrated with all DataHub functionality.
  • The completed script loads all bridge configurations and all related conditional information from a text file when the DataHub first starts up.
  • Future implementations of the system at other locations can use the same, standard script, with a modified text file to match the local ASU or DCS systems.
Soluciones y productos empleados
  • DataHub

An engineering team at the Air Liquide ASU facility in Ingleside, Texas has recently enhanced productivity by standardizing connections between the company’s air separation units (ASU) and a variety of distributed control systems (DCS), as highlighted in an article in CONTROL magazine.


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