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Caso de éxito

ABB Energy Automation, Italy

Secure OPC tunnel/mirror between power plants and company offices
Objetivos del proyecto
  • To provide a highly secure means of data transmission, with minimal risk of break-ins.

It took only a few days for Mannucci to go from initial testing to a working system in the first power plant. The second system was up and running in a similar time frame. Both systems have been running 24/7 since installation, with no breaches in security.

Soluciones y productos empleados
  • DataHub

ABB Energy Automation provides software and control systems for power plants to ensure that equipment operates at optimum speed and efficiency. For these projects, it became clear that several Italian power companies would benefit substantially by monitoring the performance of the plant directly from the company offices. Mr. Michele Mannucci, ABB Project Engineer, began looking for a way to make the connection, using the most reliable and secure means available.