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Citect (Schneider Electric), USA

Citect optimizes OPC-based system using the DataHub
Objetivos del proyecto
  •  To provide data from our dynamically changing OPC servers to a Citect system that is designed to work with a fixed data set.
  • Over 220 OPC-enabled field devices across the plant had to be connected to a single Citect MES system. The many OPC servers used for these connections are unique in that their data set is very dynamic. From one minute to the next any of the 220 devices may be present or absent in the data set.

The solution was two-fold. First, the device behavior was modified to compact the tag add/delete cycle to a limited time. Then Cogent wrote a DataHub script that monitors a few OPC server tags, and when these tags change, a time-delayed function in the script re-reads the server’s data set. The scripted time delay allows for all the new points to be added before the data set is reread, and the DataHub thus discovers all of the new data as soon as it all becomes available.

Soluciones y productos empleados
  • DataHub

A major battery manufacturing plant in the United States was recently faced with an interesting data integration challenge. Management needed access to data coming from a large number of different processes.